Workshop 4 consists of 2+ sessions:

Session a

Approximate length: 50min


  • The Door
  • Habakuk's Process
  • The Parable of the Lamp
  • 30-60-100 fold

Ancient Secrets

Your Destiny is embedded in the Kingdom of God. Therefore, it is essential that we go deeper by unlocking the mysteries of the Bible by discovering your Messianic Roots. There are many great riches to be re-discovered, that have been lost in traditional (Western) Christianity.

  1. The Sabbath
  2. The Feasts of The LORD
  3. The Peace of Jerusalem

UNITY & ALIGNMENT: Many may not immediately see the relevance, but  from this discovery of our ancient roots, along with the embedded challenges, you will have an even greater and broader perspective of your own personal destiny and how it aligns with God's Destiny for us all.


Session b

Approximate length: 50min


  • The Seven Mountains - In Workshop 3 we had introduced "The Seven Mountains" which are the major Influences in the World.  Now we can begin to define more practically what they are, where they are, and how your Destiny is designed to conquer one or more of them.
New Beginnings: After completing the last session,
the following becomes available to you:
  • LIFEPATH Membership upgrade

    Your Membership will be upgraded with access to content for all 4 workshops. You may also freely re-attend all previous workshop sessions that you have attended (as long as there is room at that facility and first time attenders have priority).  In addition, you will have access to our Ministry links and connections page.

  • LIFEPATH Mentorship Program

    You will be eligible to become a LIFEPATH Assistant/Mentor. There may be other requirements depending on the opportunities available. At a minimum, we will do our best to help you integrate the LIFEPATH Mentorship program within your ministry or church.

  • BRIDGING Ministry

    You will be eligible to participate in our Bridging Ministry... we are actively building connections (bridges) with other ministries across the body of Christ - locally and abroad. This is a multifaceted effort and includes connections to YOUR Ministry when it begins to take a life of its own!

  • KIWI - Opportunity to join a unique ministry, for taking your unique ideas into the market place in order to help fund the kingdom of God!
Session c

(TBD) Approximate length: 50min


Additional session(s) to take the time necessary to help each person define where they are in the path towards their destiny by:
  • Articulating your long range vision of what God has revealed to you.
  • Identifying what gifts, talents and skills are ready to be activated towards your destiny (if they haven't been already).
  • Identifying what gifts, talents and skills need to be worked on and brought to maturity.
  • We will help you put together a plan of action for getting started in or enhancing a ministry (Your ministry) that is aligned with your Destiny.
  • We will also connect you with affiliate ministries which might best benefit your further specific training and growth.

This is about Your life, Your Calling and Ministry and Your Destiny, and if you are not prepared already, we will do our best to help gain as many advantages as are available to get you walking, moving and living in your Destiny.

Finally, we will have a graduation ceremony to complete this workshop series.


  • Workshop 1 - Sets you on the right foundation (Jesus Christ) and points you in the right direction (His Kingdom).

  • Workshop 2 - Trains you in using the power that you have in Christ to clear the roadblocks in your life.

  • Workshop 3 - Trains you in discovering and using the unique signature of your soul that combines with your natural talents to allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to shine through you in a powerful way to others.

  • Workshop 4 - Puts your gifts and skills together to help you walk in your God given Destiny and Ministry with others.

Bring Your Destiny into the Forefront...

You must first Complete Workshop 3 (All Sessions)