Workshop 3

consists of 3 sessions:

Session a

Approximate length: 50min


  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit: 9 + 7 + 5
  • 9 Supernatural Gifts
  • Exercises / Assessments to prepare for upcoming Sessions.

Similar to Workshop 2, Workshop 3 also gives available references to other ministries where more individual focus can be facilitated.

Session b:

Each Session Approximate length: 50min


  • 7 Motivational Gifts  - God's Character  ... in you
  • 7 Ministry Gifts  - God's Character  ... in His Body


Session c:

Each Session Approximate length: 50min


  • Biblical Church Structure
  • Support and Leadership (Including "The 5-fold")
  • UNITY & ALIGNMENT !  (Whole Body Mindset)


Workshops 1 & 2 focus primarily on YOUR freedom from the kingdom of darkness. 

It is important to understand that Workshop 2 was essential for overcoming the major roadblocks as it focused on your freedom FROM the devils' distractions, pitfalls and strongholds. That freedom not only gives you better discernment to hear the voice of God but also increases your ability to view of your destiny more clearly by removing many of the obstacles. 

With the necessary skills of Spiritual Warfare, you can now move more freely TOWARDS your Destiny. 

Workshop 3 focuses on what God has gifted you with as well as how He has designed you to fit into the "Body of Christ" as a whole as well as a local body of believers (your church). At the end of Workshop 3 you will have what is needed for Workshop 4 where you really begin walking into your Destiny, if you haven't been already. 

The focus of Jesus' ministry was (and still is) The Kingdom of Heaven. In Workshop 3 we now look more specifically in what God's kingdom is on Earth as it is in Heaven ... IN YOU.

You must first Complete Workshop 2 (All Sessions)