DELIVERANCE: Breaking off the Chains

Workshop 2

consists of sessions:

Session a

Approximate length: 50min


  • Spiritual Realm - Review from Workshop 1
  • POWER TOOLS (Continued)
    • The Blood & Name of Jesus
    • Biblical Meditation
    • Thanking-Praising & Worshiping God - More than Music
    • Fellowship & Common-Union
    • 10 in 2 Commandments
    • Wealth through Giving: Tithe, Offerings & Benevolence
  • ARMOR OF GOD Ephesians 6:8-10
    • Weapons of warfare forged in the Kingdom of Heaven
    • 6+1 pieces of armor - What they are and how to use them
    • The Power of Peace
Session b

Approximate length: 50min


  • Spiritual Warfare
    • Overcoming obstacles that the kingdom of darkness uses to hinder and destroy us.
    • The battles in your mind over the ground of your heart
    • 3 Tests for Your Identity & Destiny: Failures of Adam vs. Victories of Christ
    • Retaliation & Prevention
    • Introduction to Strongholds - How devils gain access to believers as well as non-believers and how to close those doors and keep them closed
  • HOW TO FIGHT (The Battle Within before the Battle in the Spirit) --  The 1-2 Punch
  • TRAINING EXERCISE: the Breath Throw
  • Q&A to help set the stage and prepare for the next session.

Please note that these workshops are not designed as therapy for individuals, but to "equip" you with the working basics of Spiritual Warfare, and give you introductory training in HOW TO use them.. Available references to other ministries (like Sozo) are given where more individual attention is needed. Depending on the interest and demand, Advanced Sessions may be offered to build practical skills through training scenarios.

IMPORTANT: Because many of the subjects we will go into can quickly get into a depth that time will not permit us to handle in one session, we set healthy and necessary parameters to help facilitate going into some difficult areas. If a follow-up session is needed, we will plan a workable schedule and location for the current group.

Session c

Approximate length: 50min


STRONGHOLDS (2Corinthians 10:4)

  • Identify 7 basic doorways the devil uses to gain the legal right access to your soul so he can work destruction, theft and death to you and those you love.
  • Authority & Freedom - Something every Christian should know and use for Overcoming the devil's unfair advantage through a smarter and more victorious way to fight by accessing the Courts of Heaven
  • EXERCISE: we will step through the process of entering the Courts of Heaven by having an actual courtroom experience.


Strongholds are like quicksand - the more you struggle, the more it pulls you in. To help us really get a working understanding,  we will discover the common root for 8 of the most common and difficult strongholds:

  • WORK-O-HOLIC Syndrome

It doesn't matter which is the worst - THEY ALL DESTROY.

It's time for that to end.

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Whereas Workshop 1 worked to establish the foundation of your heart, Workshop 2  works to secure and maintain its framework :

  • By gaining practical insights into the Spiritual Realm, how it operates, and how you can begin to effectively navigate through it with the power of Christ.
  • By presenting how to access the Courts of Heaven, and then have an actual courtroom experience!
  • We will do some general prayers of protection to prepare us for the subsequent Sessions of the Workshop that deal with SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Each Workshop has it's unique angle that couples with where you are in your 'New Life' (2 Corinthians 5:17 , 2 Peter 3:18 , Ephesians 4:15-16).  In this series of Workshop Sessions we keep focus and assist you towards getting a clearer view of YOUR DESTINY, by giving you the tools for identifying and eliminating the roadblocks that the devil uses.

Many Big ministries have charged off after the vision God has given them, but later had a great fall because they bypassed this essential step.

You need to not just get deliverance, you need to know how to see the devil BEFORE he gets access and be able to deal with each type of access point. That is why this workshop is necessary before continuing on to STEP 3 (Development).


Please note that these Workshops are NOT for the casual Christian. Most (if not all) WILL BE CHALLENGED. Come prepared with an honest and open heart that's ready for change and lasting freedom. 

When addressing the area of deliverance, a  wide variety of issues could possibly arise. Therefore  we ask for your understanding and cooperation with the following Necessary ground rules:

  1. We all have busy schedules, and to honor our time, these ground rules have been established to help us facilitate facing and defeating hard issues rather than avoiding them. Therefore we ask that you adhere to these standards in fairness to everyone, when attending.
  2. Please do not try to dominate a conversation, or disrespect the Workshop leader (and others attending), or you will be asked to leave.
  3. If you have questions, please write them down and save them for Q& A time at the end. But please know, for the fairness of others that this is NOT a place to vent your troubles or prove your knowledge.
  4. These workshops are NOT to be considered as a Deliverance Ministry and therefore no guarantees of Deliverance are given.
  5. It is our desire to help you find how to apply the Truth that makes you free. We do not wish to be insensitive to your individual needs, therefore it is essential that you seek help outside of the workshop time frame. If you need individual ministry, please ask either before or after the workshop so we can properly direct you to appropriate and available minsters.
  6. If time permits (hopefully), we will be able to apply specific ministry to an individual (who consents to do so) for the sake of group training.
  7. Although we do our best to help you for where you are at in the process of your growth in Christ, there are no guarantees of performance or outcome - because how you yield to the Holy Spirit is your responsibility. Your honesty to God, yourself and others is the key to your growth.

For some, this will not be an easy workshop to attend, but a bold step towards greater freedom. Be ready to do some honest soul searching - because if you have any issues (and most everyone does), the Holy Spirit will usually bring them to your mind.....and if any demons have made a nice home in your head, they will become uncomfortable (so take names and prepare to kick them out).

If you want God's freedom and to walk in His Peace, this is a good place to begin taking the light of Christ into those dark areas of your soul. We highly recommend that you be connected to a mentor that is either a graduate of this program, a senior pastor of your church, a Sozo minister, etc.  Especially in the case where deeper ministry/therapy may be required. 


Deliverance is something every Christian should know and be skilled with.

Take the next step....

This Workshop requires completion of Workshop 1 (Both Sessions).