Your New Life

Workshop 1  - 3 sessions:

Session a

Approximate length: 50min

This First Session is a Unique Experience that...

  • Takes an initial look at Your Destiny (reflective exercise)
  • Takes you through Salvation in Christ, then ...
  • Takes you into a Biblical Orientation of the Spiritual Realm 
  • Takes a new look at your Identity in Christ

Session 'a' of Workshop 1 is an Orientation into your New Life in Christ. It takes you through the experience of Salvation (if you have not already given your heart to Christ), then re-orients you by giving you a clearer understanding of the Spiritual Realm.  It is here that we re-gird our hearts on the strongest foundation of Life: Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18, Romans 16:25, 2Corinthians 4:1-7). We then look at your Christ-centered Identity, and some awesome tools - that if you didn't have them when you arrived, ... you will when you leave.

Session b

Approximate length: 50 min


  • Exercise: Reviews the Steps towards your Destiny in the context of Unity
  • The Four Battles of your destiny
  • The 7 Mountains in your destiny

Note: The 7 Mountains (from Lance Walnau) are arenas in the World that the devil has had relative dominance, but we as the Body of Christ can and must tack back. Your Destiny will play a roll.

Session c

Approximate length: 50 min


  • POWER Tools - (Some of these you already know)
    • Read the Word – Pray the written Word & Listen to the Living Word
    • Fellowship 
    • Water Baptism -- What is it, Why do it and what does it do for you?
    • Worship -- Taping into the River of Life
    • Tongues -- Introduction to the gift (activation if time permits)
  • Sign-up for Workshop 2 Session a (Spiritual Warfare)


Understanding the SPIRITUAL REALM and how it operates is fundamental and necessary for navigating through Spiritual Warfare. The fact is that when you get saved...

Spiritual Warfare does NOT go away!

The war has always been there and the devil is real and does NOT have a good plan for your life (John 10:10).

We must learn to successfully use the power and authority that Christ has given us (John 16:33).

In this Second Session of Workshop 1, we will further prepare you for the next Workshop  (2-Deliverance).

These workshops are for those who want and are willing to walk deeper into the TRUTH that will not only set them free, but make them free (to help others as well as themselves).

We will also introduce some awesome tools - that if you didn't have them when you arrived, ... you will when you leave.


Where there is no vision, the people perish:
but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Proverbs 29:18 (kjv)

It is by the Holy Spirit that these workshops were created. The same Holy Spirit that spoke wisdom through the Son of God (who is The living Word), watched over and guided His Word to be recorded in written form and preserved it through the ages for us (his saints) to continue connecting with him ...... In other words, God is indeed alive and keeps us aligned with Him and with each other by his Holy Spirit. This is the core of "LIFEPATH" and is the foundation of the content, exercises, and entire ministry.

Within every Session of every Workshop, we make a conscious effort in helping you see, find and move towards your God-given and unique Destiny. Part of this is done through teaching and exercises. The rest is done through your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

There are precious and powerful treasures that God the Creator has placed inside of you. Your life is not an accident. He has a definite purpose beyond the short lived pleasures and success that the World can offer you. We've all been fooled enough by the devil's lies and the world is only entertained by us for the few short breaths of our natural lives. But God is ever waiting for you to step into your Destiny, but He wont force you to do it. He can't. It requires your choice to extend beyond the Natural Realm in faith and connect with The Living God for a Supernatural Life on Earth as it is in Heaven.


What is God's Purpose for your life?

The Journey into YOUR TRUE DESTINY is dependent on a two-way relationship with the LIVING God. WHY? ...  Because you have to connect with The Creator (the One who made you) and Heavenly Father (the One who loves you) before you can truly find and activate the purpose and destiny that He has already placed within you.

There is only one way to our Heavenly Father - through Jesus Christ (John 14:6). If you have already accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, this will be a fun workshop to help you focus on your Destiny, and give you new perspective on discipling others. If not, than this will be exciting and new as you take your first step towards the Calling and Purpose that God has put inside your heart and the fulfilled life that He desires for you.

If you don't yet know Christ,
come and find the Peace that Surpasses all understanding. (Philippians 4:7)

If you are already a Christian,
come experience the basics from a new perspective.