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is a Discipleship Process that takes you from Salvation to Destiny.

The Biblical truths in the Bible are no secret, but sadly, many well intentioned believers are still not living a victorious Christian life. 

LIFEPATH is a journey that, in a very practical way, helps you by not only "equipping" you with the tools, but also trains you how to effectively utilize the Power and the Truth of Christ that not only sets you free but makes you free indeed (John 8:36). 

It is our desire that you not only gain these skills for yourself, but also to help others do the same. (That's why we have also designed these workshops as part of a mentorship program).

It is our objective for everyone, that we all grow together, become stronger and gain clearer VISION of where the Holy Spirit is taking us in HIS Kingdom.

LIFEPATH is somewhat like and ACADEMY, and therefore, the Workshops have been designed to be taken in sequence. This design applies an "obvious secret" that Jesus revealed to us in the parable of the sower and the seed in Matthew 13:1-23.  Indeed there are many awesome "secrets" to be learned from this great parable of the four conditions of the heart, and the one not to be missed is that our hearts can change from being hardened to being fruitful (and FULL-filled). 


Please note:  There are many sites and videos that are labeled "lifepath" but are steeped into numerology - which this site and ministry has NOTHING to do with.  If you are looking for a supernatural power that you can posses and wield at your whim ... your are headed in the wrong direction - one that leads to bondage, fear, and ultimately eternal death.
What you will find in Christ is far greater, as He leads you to a fulfilled life on Earth as you also tap into the power of eternal Life which He cam to give (John 10:10).

LIFEPATH Workshops utilize the information and structure of the Get Truly Free website, and is freely available at https://www.gettrulyfree.com  

Please note, that the presentation and experience of the LIFEPATH Workshops is designed to accelerate growth of the individual as well as a body of believers in Jesus Christ.